Attack of the Vegetation!

Keeping vegetation trimmed back from your home is an extremely important part of home Maintenance.  Louisville Home Inspections often reveal issues with trees and other foliage coming in contact with the structure.  This often begins by creating problems with moisture.  However, left unattended serious structural problems can occur.  louisville home inspector  Simply leaving a gap of at least a foot or two is the key to avoiding damage to your home.

It is also important to make sure that your air conditioning unit has at least two feet of space between it and any vegetation.  This will allow the unit to “breath” properly and avoid restricted air-flow that can contribute to premature failure.  This might be a good time to mention that your should avoid throwing your clippings in the direction of your air condition coil when mowing and weed eating.  The clippings can get trapped in the coil damage your unit.  Always direct your clippings away from your air conditioning unit.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly vegetation can get out of hand.  Even the slightest opening can provide an opportunity for vegetation to sneak up on your home.louisville home inspector  This Louisville Home Inspector took this picture recently.  The branch is from a small bush but it has traveled two stories high and is sticking out from the top of this corner channel.  Next stop, the ATTIC!

Trimming your hedges and landscaping is not just for aesthetics–it will help you protect and maintain the home that you love. You have to fight back the jungle for the sake of your home.

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