Louisville Home Inspector Looks in the Gutter

Home Inspector    Home Inspector

Home Inspectors look in the gutter of a home for several reason.  First, to check for blockages and debris that may compromise the effectiveness of the gutters and downspouts.  Secondly, to check for damage that may not be visible from the ground or exterior.  Third, is for Composite Roofing Material.  This can be a major clue as to the life expectancy for your roof.  This homes gutters reveal to an experienced home inspector a serious problem.  A problem that could cost a potential buyer thousands of dollars.  Some material is part of normal decay, however, this is way too much for the age of this roof.  The Home inspector noticed that these gutters on the back of the house were loaded with Composite Roofing Material, but the front of the house had far less.  After further investigation the home inspector confirmed that the back of the house was seriously damaged by hail and needed to be replaced.  The sellers insurance company paid for a new roof installation and both the buyer and seller where satisfied.  This is a big part of the Home Inspectors job–follow the clues and save you money.

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